Sharing Platters €45 (serves about 10 guests)

Unique to Skellys, these rustic platters are designed to be shared among your guests. A great talking point for your big day. Rustic Breads, Artisan Crackers & Homemade Brown Soda included. Gluten Free options available

Cold Meats Ham, Prosciutto, Salami



Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables & Semi Sun Dried Tomatoes

Choice of 3 Irish Cheeses:

  • Cashel blue cheese
  • Smoked Ardrahan Cheese
  • Garlic and herb Carrigaline
  • Cooleeny Camembert
  • Cahills Porter Cheese
  • Macroom Buffalo Mozzarella

Organic Smoked Salmon

Smoked Salmon Pate or Mackerel Pate

Soup with Brown bread & butter portions €3.95 pp

Soup & Gourmet Sandwiches Combo € 7.95 pp

Our Soups are freshly made and ready to serve. Most of our Soups are Vegetarian and Gluten Free with Vegan options also available.

  • Vegetable GF, V,
  • Wild Mushroom & Sage GF, V, MK
  • Roasted Butternut Squash GF, V, MK
  • Cream of Leek & PotatoGF, V, MK
  • Roasted Tomato & Basil GF, V,
  • Minestrone V,CY
  • Fish Chowder (Salmon, Smoked Coley & CodGF f , MK €1 supp per person
  • Seafood Chowder (Prawns, Mussels, Salmon, Smoked Coley & Cod) GF, F,MK,M,C,CY  €2 supp per person
  • French Onion Soup, with Cheese Croutons – G, V,
  • Carrot, Ginger and Turmeric GF, V,

Hot Buffet

All Main Courses are served with Basmati Rice, Cous Cous or Baby Boiled Potatoes included in the price. 

*Collection Prices 


Chicken a La King GF, MK  – €11.95 pp*

Pieces of Irish chicken with sautéed peppers in a garlic cream white wine sauce

Sweet and Sour Chicken GF, CY    €11.95 pp*

Chicken strips in a homemade sweet and sour sauce with peppers, onions, and grilled pineapple pieces

Thai Red Chicken Curry – GF, MK  €11.95 pp*

Strips of succulent chicken marinated and cooked in authentic Thai spices and in a cream based sauce

Vegetarian option GF, V, MK  €10.95 pp*

Strips of succulent chicken marinated and cooked in authentic Thai spices and in a cream based sauce


Beef and St Mel’s Stout Stew- GF, CY  €12.95 pp*

Tender Beef slowly cooked in our local stout beer and root vegetables

Beef Strogonoff GF,MK, CY     €12.95 pp*

Irish Beef slowly cooked with cream, mushrooms, gherkins and paprika.

Beef Bourguignon GF, CY  €12.95 pp*

Beef in a red burgundy sauce with bacon, mushrooms and root vegetables

Beef Lasagne GF, MK,CY €12.95 pp*

Layers of our delicious Bolognese, béchamel sauce and topped with melting mozzarella and parmesan cheese.


Brazilian Feijoada G €11.95 pp*

A version of a cassoulet made with black beans and different cuts of smoked & cured pork.

Chorizo, Puy Lentil Casserole GF, CY – €11.95 pp*

Spicy Spanish Chorizo, cooked with Puy lentils and root vegetables


Moroccan Lamb Tagine GF, CY – €12.95 pp*

Tender chunks of Irish lamb slow braised in Moroccan spices with apricot, preserved lemons & mild Harissa

Vegetarian Tagine GF,V, CY – €11.95*

Tender chunks of Irish lamb slow braised in Moroccan spices with apricot, preserved lemons & mild Harissa

Lamb Shanks GF, CY – €14.95*

Irish lamb shanks slow in with root vegetables and a rich red wine sauce.


Fisherman’s Pie GF,F,MK,CY – €13.95*

Chunks of cod, salmon, natural smoked haddock, topped with creamed  potato

Cod, Chorizo & Saffron Potato Stew GF,F,MK,CY – €14.95*

Pan seared fillet of cod with spicy chorizo, potato and saffron scented stew


Goulash GF,VG,CY €12.95*

Goulash of potato, peppers & butternut squash stew

Potato & Chickpea Thai Curry GF,VG,CY €12.95*

Root vegetables, chickpeas in Thai spices and coconut cream sauce

Vegan Lasagne GF,VG,CY €12.95*

Roast pepper, courgette with red wine, rosemary & vegan cheese sauce

Cold Buffet– € 12.95 pp*

Price includes 2 Meat/Fish & 2 Salads.

Roast Beef / Cajun or Plain Chicken / Roast Turkey & Ham / Quiche Selection

Salmon Darnes (baked or poached) €1 supp

Salad choices

Extra Salad €20.00* per bowl (Serves about 20 guests)

  • White & Red Cabbage, Carrot, red onion Coleslaw GF,V,MK,E,MD
  • Baby Potato Salad, Spring Onion, Wholegrain Mustard GF,VG,MD
  • Traditional Mashed Potato Salad GF,V,MK,E,MD
  • Carrot ,Pineapple and Poppy Seed Salad GF,VG,MD
  • 3 beans Salad GF,VG,MD
  • Pasta Salad with wild garlic pesto and almonds G,MK,V,N,,VG ,MD
  • Roasted Vegetable Salad with spiced yoghurt dressing GF, V, MK, MD
  • Greek Salad with feta cheese, black olives, cucumber, fresh mint, red onion GF,V, MK,E,MD
  • Caesar Salad with gem lettuce, croutons, parmesan , boiled eggs and Caesar dressing G,MK,V,E,MD,F
  • Beetroot Salad GF,VG,MD
  • Moroccan Cous Cous with raisins, celery, fresh mint, fresh coriander, citrus juice, garlic, chilli G, VG, MD
  • Tandoori Chickpea Salad G,VG,MD
  • Rice Salad with crunchy vegetables, parsley and coriander GF,VG,MD
  • Mozzarella, roasted red peppers, rocket, balsamic dressing  GF,V,MK,E,MD
  • Thai Noodle Salad with fresh coriander and spring onion, ginger, chilli and fresh lime juice G, V,MK,E,MD


Individual Portions – €3.95 pp* or Large dish (serves about 10 guests) – €28.95*

Bannofi pie G, V,MK

Cheesecakes Choices G, V, MK

Baileys / Toblerone / White Chocolate & Raspberry / Strawberry/ Oreo/ 

Sherry Trifle G, V,MK

Fresh Fruit Pavlova GF, V,MK

Lemon Roulade GF, V, MK

Chocolate Brownie G, V,MK

Homemade Apple/ Rhubarb Crumble G, V,

Bread & Butter Pudding G, V,

Vegan Rich Chocolate & Coconut Tart GF

Large selection of Cakes & Gateaux available

Gluten Free / Vegan options also available

Kids 2 course Menu €4.95* per child

Perfect for Children’s party @ home. 

Homemade Chicken Goujons (3) & Chips

Sausages (3) & Chips or Mash

Meatballs in a Fresh Tomato sauce served with Whole wheat Pasta

Hot Dogs & Chips

Burgers & Chips

Mini Pizza

Strawberry Jelly or Chocolate Brownie

Allergies & Information – Gluten = G, Gluten Free = GF, Vegan = VG, Vegetarian =V, Crustaceans = C, Eggs = E, Fish = F ,Molluscs = M ,Soybeans = S ,Peanuts = P ,Nuts = N ,Milk = MK ,Celery = CY ,Mustard = MD ,Sesame Seeds = SS ,Sulphites = SP ,Lupin = L